Other Characters

Koeguchi Keiichi

Maaya's art teacher and first love. A clever, reasonable young man who majors in art and teaches classes at night to help feed himself, albeit being from a well-off family.

Keiichi takes a chance and asks out his young love interest, starting up a relationship with him. Although being calm and reasonable, Keiichi can be a handful, and sometimes Maaya feels like the adult in the relationship. Seemingly uncrossable obstacles and a scholarship tear the two apart.

Machida Kaito

Aki's classmate, and the one who introduces him to Maaya.

Maaya is hired as Machida's tutor, and eventually a friendly tone grows between them. An open-minded boy who stands by his friends, and generally fails at math.


Atsushi's girlfriend for most of his senior year in highschool. Initially the two weren't as compatible as they first thought, but somehow they made it work.

A girl who seems shy at first, but is full of energy when you get to know her.

Koyama Atsuko

Atsushi's younger sister, who has more in common with her brother than she likes to admit.

Had a crush on Maaya when she was younger, but it grew into something like admiration, and she now sees him as more of an extra brother. Instead, she has taken a liking to Aki, who barely spares her a glance.

She is bright and lively, and the owner of a spoiled, fat cat.


Daughter of the florist, with a crush on Maaya. Friend of both Maaya and Atsushi.