Name: Shirai Masayoshi / 白井 正義
Birth date: Born on March 15th
Sign: Pisces
Family: Only child. Lives with his mother and father, in Ome, Tokyo
Distinct feature: Pink hair, always smiles


Maaya is often described as ‘too good to be true’ by his best friend, Atsushi. This comes from his strong sense of justice; he believes that everyone is equal and is actively involved in politics and animal rescue. He is the class rep, and is elected student council president in his third year of high school. He’s a good listener, and people always turn to him. In many cases, he has the power to change people simply through talking with them.

Maaya is involved with many activities, and rarely has any spare time. But when he does, he enjoys photography and art. He loves music, but isn’t active. He spends all of his money on hair dye, and the animal shelter.

He's gentle and sweet, dependable and intelligent, but he's not as innocent as he'd seem at first, and generally he's the optimist/idealist who always smiles.

Loves: Animals, art, pink, rain, Aki.
Dislikes: Injustice, animal abuse, sports, flying, being mistaken for a girl
Best skills: Levelheaded, dependable
Worst skills: A bit high-strung when it comes to his own intimate relationships. Overzealous to the point where he might put himself aside for the sake of others.
Favorite foods: Fried shrimp, Lychee
Pets: Three cats
Occupation: High school student, tutor, part time job at a local gallery