Name: Koyama Atsushi / 小山 篤
Birth date: Born on February 20th
Sign: Aquarius
Family: Mother, father, younger sister; Atsuko
Distinct feature: Not very tall, red streaks in his hair
Significant relationships: Maaya (strictly friends), Eri


Being Maaya’s best friend, Atsushi has definitely gained some traits from him, although he is slightly less fierce. Atsushi is mellow and laid-back, a playful guy with a big heart. He loves his friends, but can be known to hold grudges.

He’s got a passion for basket ball, and makes captain in his third year of high school. When not at the basket court, he is usually found playing games or hanging out with friends, Maaya and Arisu in particular.

He loves girls, and is always searching for a date. Even though he often goes on dates, they rarely lead anywhere. The exception was Eri, a girl he went out with for quite a while in his third high school year.

In addition to basket ball, he expresses interest in social studies for his college major, largely because of Maaya’s influence.

When it comes to Aki, he doesn’t necessarily get along with the younger teen half the time, but he likes him well enough, and is happy for his best friend.

Atsushi’s not the smartest of the bunch, but redeems himself by being a great friend who can always cheer others up.

Since he's not so good at school work, and has no job, Maaya often refers to him as a slacker. In return, Atsushi was the one who dubbed Aki and Maaya 'the Anarchist and the Idealist'.