Full Name: Ito Arisu / 伊藤 アリス
Birth date: April 3rd
Sign: Aries
Family: Mother, Father, only child.
Significant relationships: Maaya, Atsushi


Arisu is one of Maaya's closest friends (self-proclaimed 'Fag-hag') and fellow class-rep.

She's a bright and bubbly girl who speaks her mind often without thinking, which causes her to feel embarrassed or regretful afterwards. Some might call her tactless. She's bouncy and cheery, and many foresaw her as Maaya's ideal girlfriend before he came out. What she lacks in enthusiasm for classes like history and science, she makes up for in creativity and work for various school committees.

Her biggest pet peeve is being left out of the loop by Maaya and Atsushi. But she doesnt hold grudges, and always sticks up for her friends.