Name: Sakurai Akira / 桜井 秋楽
Birth date: Born on November 1st
Sign: Scorpio
Family: Divorced parents, only child. He doesnít get along with either of his parents


At first glance, Aki is quiet and reserved. Heís carrying a lot of baggage from his good for nothing parents, and it has resulted in him being somewhat closed-off and even rude.

When Aki first appears, he is quiet and held back, sarcastic, but not mean. He's a confident teen who's used to fending for himself and clearly shows it. When he gets close to someone, he does have a certain charm though. He has a sense of humor, and is actually quite playful, but prefers to appear stoic and serious. His jokes are generally ironic or sarcastic, often on the behalf of others.

He's intelligent but cynical. Often puts a lid on his own emotions. But he can also be pretty easy going and fun, as he thinks life's too short to only do the things others expect of you. And with the right person, he might just open up.

He's straight forward and honest with his opinions. And he might seem a little intimidating to others, as his social skills are somewhat lacking. Making friends isnít his strongest trait.

And while being the younger, inexperienced one, he is the drive-force in the relationship.

Loves: Maaya, visual fashion
Dislikes: Cemeteries, frivolous girls, his name
Favorite foods: Anything fried, especially yakitori
Weakness: Not being willing to open up
Worst qualities: His social skills, his temper
Notable relations: Maaya