'Snow' is the story about Maaya, a teenage boy from Tokyo.

Intelligent, kind and compassionate, with bright pink hair, this artistic boy is already well-known by those around him, engaged in politics as well as art and eccentric in his own way.

He's always been different, and is fairly calm about it when he at 16 comes out and reveals that he's gay. Though he himself has no problem admitting to it and accepting it - there are others who aren't as approving. And perhaps he wasn't prepared for the consequences?

Maybe he lacked the cynical abilities to see that people would be bothered by who and what he was?

Through his best friend Atsushi's retrospective, Maaya's story is told, from the day he first came out; to his first love and heartbreak, and up to the moment where it all ended. In the worst way anyone could've imagined.

And then of course...there was Aki, an obnoxious, rude and enigmatic fifteen year old who brought out both contradictive feelings and empathy in Maaya.